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art submissions

we are looking for cover art for our first ever poetry anthology coming out this spring. the title of the collection will be the pearl, and we will be able to offer $20 for the rights to use your work in the print book, on our website, and potentially on some yet-to-be-determined merchandise. all profits from any sales will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency to support climate refugees.

we are most interested in seeing how you would like to depict the ocean and are open to art in all 2d mediums, whether that be through collage, digital art, or painting. the only requirement is that you own the rights to reproduce the work and that it is able to be printed at 300 ppi at 6 by 9", although artwork that is able to be printed at a scale larger than that is preferred. for reference, 300 ppi at 6 by 9" would be roughly 1800 by 2700 pixels. 

to send us your work, you can email us at and attach your submission as a png. a cover letter is not required, but please do include your full name and any other information you deem relevant.  

we charge no submission fee, but let us know if you need to withdraw your piece for any reason. you can expect to hear back from us by january 15, so send us an email if you haven't gotten a response by february.

submitters should know...

we will not publish hate speech of any kind, and we reserve the right to rescind an acceptance if we learn of an author or a work's intolerance.

we want (and try) to be an ally to everybody in the poetry community, especially if you are lgbtqia+, bipoc, of mixed heritage, neurodivergent, disabled, and/or a woman. we know it can be tough to get your voices out there, but we want to read your amazing, beautiful poetry.

want to get our poems delivered straight to your inbox?

those are the only emails we'll send you - pinkie promise.

you're all set :)

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