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Sarah E. Azizi

God doubled the shell of the crab, knowing
how sweet its meat would be. In captivity...


L.M. Cole

I am more glass than sand
and not clear or shatterproof...

Introduction to Hydroscapes II

Jess Gersony

Holding you there are no hard
surfaces, like bound water if it was...

vignette by the sea

Elliot Lee

we stepped out into the rain, and the waves were crashing against the shoreline...

Survived By

Nora Sun

what happened to the silence left by rubber ducks
was it swallowed by those colorful candies balancing...


K.J. Kogon

The sea swallows me up / gulps me down / makes me
into a smooth stone, small enough to fit in your pocket...

The Curlews Cry

Annie Firth


The Tide Rises

Natasha Bredle

The tide rises. I fall. There was an urchin
in my stomach. Tell me, how do you choose...

Introduction to Hydroscapes I

Jess Gersony

All light of yesterday in this place
is now hidden. It could be the ground...

Merfolk in the Ghost Net

Katherine Quevedo

The sea laps and pulls and spits.
The cliffs stare past...

Wintering at Nauset Beach

Jesse Suess

Smooth agates hunt sunlight
for the incoming tide...

Premier chant d'automne

Adam D.H

[…] it goes down easier in a storm […]

[… what they call a body of water.]...