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all the world


bhavya bhagtani

is an endless listicle / of memories that we grieve / how water moves – endlessly
the first boy i ever kissed / was made of ice / with love that i had / to thaw out of him
my first swim lesson / taught me water / is just drenched sky
on sadder days / bathtubs resemble / coffins
remembering too much / and forgetting too much / can both feel / like drowning
the biggest / wishing well of the world / must also be / the saddest
some rooms can hold / more grief / than people
some friendships are not / big enough / to contain / oceans
is it possible / to love someone / if they cannot be contained / in a poem?
my words don’t know / how to exist / in a universe that is not / my body
the ones that are willing / to dare / need my poems / to rest in
if there exists / a world where words exist / like we do
Grief & Water / must be neighbours / or lovers

or both

Bhavya is a 25 year old poet from Ajmer, India. Her work has previously appeared in The Alipore Post, Terribly Tiny Tales, The Mark Literary Review and Airplane Poetry Movement's Anthology, 'A Letter. A Poem. A Home.' She is on Twitter (@bhaaaaaavya) and on Instagram (@trapezium_).

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