sign of the times at second beach

Dusti Renee Worley

my lover holds her own silent space in the silver light : the violent tide rushes in...


Max J. Carter

you hug the ocean into the closed folds of your body / the ripples become your favourite songs...

Some Uncertain Endlessness

Ruby Dunn

Beaches are very ancient places.
I realise this as Lauren is telling me...

All at Sea

Karan Chambers

My granny spoke of how she learned to swim:
North Sea churning around blue...


Sarah E. Azizi

God doubled the shell of the crab, knowing
how sweet its meat would be. In captivity...


L.M. Cole

I am more glass than sand
and not clear or shatterproof...

in the end, i want to die like the ocean

september lin

which, of course, never really dies so much as goes on and
on and on until it forgets itself. in this way, i want to slip away...

Whale Fall

Bex Hainsworth

Pale jawbones form an archway,
ribs reach into a vaulted ceiling...

Lessons in Carpentry

Joe Gross

cocoa-crimson sawdust
christens my soft hands...

And The Sea

Kushal Poddar

On the days I see sky colourless
over a stagnant water...

The Curlews Cry

Annie Firth


The Tide Rises

Natasha Bredle

The tide rises. I fall. There was an urchin
in my stomach. Tell me, how do you choose...