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Larry's Last Tidepool

Meg Smith

Gloucester, Mass. August 2012.
I brought you here because I knew...

Where Fog Hung Low Over the Water

Patty Somlo

Piles of oyster shells bleached white from the sun
sit next to marsh grown green with algae...

Ghost Ship

Charlotte Oliver

The darkness hangs more thickly,
drapes black silence where...

Shingle Street

Natascha Graham

and she doesn’t look like Gillian at all
when I tell her...

The Rope

Aubragene Blue

She pulls it up, then twists it down,
A taxi honks, she bears a frown...

Slicing and Dicing

Lucia Larsen

I can’t stop chopping the waves with the blunt edge of my
panic and scraping the pieces into my mouth, hoping the...

At Shell Island I Glimpse the Future

Kelly Jones

Shell Island is not an island
and there are not many shells...

The Sea

Christian Ward

Walking down the street,
I empty my pockets...

When the sea spits you out


She has vacationed a moment too long.
Spent months trying to meditate on...

On Flight


The woman stands still in the sand,
She can see the coastline from here...

Even If

Claire Sosienski Smith

I'd still do this even if nothing comes of it
You hear that through the window? You gotta be...

End of Days

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

How little we knew of how
our lives would morph...