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Ocean Stillness Luring

Samuel Prince

The temptation is real – the impulse to fall, to plunge.
Mirador shift on the Rig, observation duty...


Sarah B. Cahalan

I guess the moon snail won’t object
if I get down beside it in the sand, dig...


Dina Klarisse

Mother, where do we go from here?
From your scorched body we wander...

Tide Over

Rho Bloom-Wang

On the train I try to break the distance.
On the bus, my hellos too small and my smiles...


Sam Moe

You’re telling her jokes as you walk through shallow...

Cetacean Stranding

Nico Escalona

I exist by the shore, inhaling the sharp salty dusk breeze.
I am standing here, oxidizing, by the dying body of a beached whale...

To the Swimmer at Dollymount, Who Wanted to Die But Became a Merman Instead

Abigail Myers

I will wait for you on the beach at Montauk,
with a plate of fried shrimp...


Ellen Harrold

Tide pushes these crusted histories.
Tendrilled, tangled, nylon scraps...


Akshaya Pawaskar

The earth is drowning
in its own blood...


Natalie Marino

The temperature today is above one hundred

Psalm 7a : Samudra Manthan


what does meaning mean in a land of silence?


Julia Biggs

You are a driftwood breath, a mud-pinched sigh,
slow travelling, slow gathering...

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