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A Church of Days

PM Flynn

Twilight falls where church reflected on your eyes:
ancient light, pure beginnings; first opened to fade...

tuna salad by the sea

Coral Inéz

These days I like to eat my lunch under the shade of
lifeguard tower number three. A mix of tuna, celery, and...

I am a monolith

bloom bells

of my own making: uncarved,
my flesh cold to the touch...

squid phone

Prema Arasu

headlines report
sightings of a monster...


Olivia Broderick

fraying terrycloth towels dusted
with salt and sand rubbed in...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

light spills
through a fallstreak hole...

Islands of Eternity

PM Flynn

Broken sand and shells disappear under a frayed, capped ocean:
smooth-edged clouds shade cypress trees from the sun...

Things Lost at Sea

Mihan Han

i. Sand Castles
The sailboats are black...

the waves are so loud I hear them crashing in my sleep

Koty Neelis

do you hear them too
the somber ocean, a lonely tide...

self-portrait as the deep blue

chukwuemelie aginah

the wind drums his usual and i
surge his throbbing. you give yourself to me and i...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

a star tortoise
carries the universe...


Debbie Strange

I skip a pebble across...

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