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Ashley D. Escobar

I wonder where the seagull goes at night,
where she lends her strange pink feet...


Courtney LeBlanc

If we never met, if your hand never
rested on the small of my back, if I hadn’t...

a girl sits on a pier

hazel tkach

a girl sits on a pier.
there’s no running from what is...

Lunar Longing

Elyssa Tappero

I am as the tide
drawn to you and pushed from you...


Luke Levi

like wrinkles
only the foam is left...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

the ocean
was in a rage last night...


Jack B. Bedell

Here along the coast
we raise our houses...

Perhaps One Day All Things Will Reach the Sea

Jenny Wong

There is finally time to care
for the spring buds...

Seafoam Memory

Adrienne Rozells

If you imagine me,
imagine me in the ocean...


Madeline Trosclair

August sparks electricity
where each touch is heat lightning in...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

I carry
an ocean within...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

sea pebbles
glistening in the sun...