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all the times I thought about him and also thought about drowning

Bleah B. Patterson

All the times I thought about him and also thought about drowning...


Sally Ramberg

she’s sewn dreams into swells of
a masterpiece...


cassiopeia gatmaitan

Just for now, let’s pretend
that the sun won’t set and that forever...

Russian Scientists Bore Into Ancient Antarctic Lake

Susan T. Landry

We live in a pale globe, haloed by the light of underwater moons...

in the end, i want to die like the ocean

september lin

which, of course, never really dies so much as goes on and
on and on until it forgets itself. in this way, i want to slip away...

Whale Fall

Bex Hainsworth

Pale jawbones form an archway,
ribs reach into a vaulted ceiling...

Tugging on Strings

Josie Pierce

The fish have all but left me.
Only one or two remain, minnows in the bucket...


Snigdha Garud and T.R. San

1 year later and you’re still here, tapping on...

nostalgia tastes like

Mugdhaa Ranade

(the sacred ash i used to dip my ring finger in
and press to my forehead, throat, tongue...

sign of the times at second beach

Dusti Renee Worley

my lover holds her own silent space in the silver light : the violent tide rushes in...


Max J. Carter

you hug the ocean into the closed folds of your body / the ripples become your favourite songs...

Some Uncertain Endlessness

Ruby Dunn

Beaches are very ancient places.
I realise this as Lauren is telling me...

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