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Olivia Broderick

fraying terrycloth towels dusted
with salt and sand rubbed in...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

light spills
through a fallstreak hole...


Debbie Strange

rippling waves
you teach me how...

Lake Superior Isn't An Ocean

Steve Merino

The notification tells me travel
could be deadly so we cancel plans...

Amphitrite Reads Hamlet

Kelli Lage

and strips rivers and reeds
scouring for Ophelia...

all the times I thought about him and also thought about drowning

Bleah B. Patterson

All the times I thought about him and also thought about drowning...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

a star tortoise
carries the universe...


Debbie Strange

I skip a pebble across...


Debbie Strange

herring shoals
the ocean turns itself...


Adesiyan Oluwapelumi

& I have been fishing- eating the gore of my futility
with dry stale fingers & licking the wounds...

all the world

bhavya bhagtani

is an endless listicle / of memories that we grieve / how water moves – endlessly
the first boy i ever kissed / was made of ice / with love that i had / to thaw out of him...

Tugging on Strings

Josie Pierce

The fish have all but left me.
Only one or two remain, minnows in the bucket...

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