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Claire Kroening

Coastlines lie in wake
from memories we've made...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

ocean waves
advance then retreat...

When I Saw the Ocean

Natasha Bredle

I forgot what land was. Beneath
my feet? Something other...

The Young Fisherman

Brady Jones

Valencia again
(it bears much...


Gemma Paterson

We are just silt
At the bottom of a pool...


Jennifer Skogen

Wait for me here,
away from the living...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

I dreamt
the oracle of oceans...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

this is the song
of our humpback hearts...



Drench my bones
Until they are submerged...

howl at the moon a little more convincingly


Every passing moon is lonelier than the last,
And you cry and rail against the ink of the sky...

Marrowstone Point

Faith Allington

On this windswept shore,
the beach of lost relics...

Time and Tide

Louise Longson

I have become something sharp
smoothed by sea...

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