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Amphitrite Reads Hamlet


Kelli Lage

and strips rivers and reeds
scouring for Ophelia.

Amphitrite recites hymns
drenched in death,
knowing life will spring
on her throat.

Croons coalesce.

Amphitrite dissects Ophelia’s madness
and resurrects her as morning dew.

Fading by sun’s caw,
returning to rue fields.

Kelli Lage is a poetry reader for Bracken Magazine and Best of the Net nominated poet. Her debut full-length poetry collection, Early Cuts, is forthcoming summer 2023 with Kelsay Books. Lage's work has appeared in Stanchion Zine, Maudlin House, The Lumiere Review, Welter Journal, and elsewhere. Her website can be found at

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