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Natalie Marino

The temperature today is above one hundred

The horizon is a hot

while I pack the car to take the children to the ocean.
The freeway

will be full of other riders.

will see trees by the side of the road waving
their cobalt hands,

like wives holding dead soldiers’ navy

at an afternoon funeral.

will hear the ground thirsting for a sapphire stream.
The sky

will have a sad face. Some lucky

will hide in an indigo memory.

will get to my destination, but the beach
parking lot

will be closed in a cage.
The water

will be a dirty teal.

will try to put the car
in reverse.

This poem was selected as the third place winner in our 2023 Seasick Competition. Go here to see the other winners:

A different version of this poem was originally published in Mom Egg Review Online.

Natalie Marino is a poet and physician. Her work appears in Atlas and Alice, Gigantic Sequins, Isele Magazine, Mom Egg Review, Plainsongs, Pleiades, Rust + Moth, West Trestle Review and elsewhere. Her chapbook, Under Memories of Stars, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press (June 2023). She lives in California.

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