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Daughter of Tides


Lynn M Knapp

Sea spray of memory, sea of delight,
waves boil to breakers, seething with white.
Wet ringlets flying, I skim over the sand
drawn ever faster in the strength of his hand,
sea spray of memory, sea of delight.

He stumbles unsteady, bent, small and slight,
one eye wide open, the other clamped tight.
He leans on my arm, the better to stand,
bends to my arm, to the strength of my hand,
sea spray of memory, sea of delight.

Dark jut of his jaw, eyes sea-blue alight,
we play in the swells, the ebb of the tide.
In lace-tatted undertow, seaward he stands,
his toes in the surf cleave stripes in the sand,
sea spray of memory, my sea of delight.

Lynn M Knapp is the author of Giving Ground (2017) which celebrates her vibrant central city neighborhood. Her work has also appeared in the Raven Chronicles, the Amsterdam Quarterly, and Poets Reading the News.

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