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Lake Superior Isn't An Ocean


Steve Merino

The notification tells me travel
could be deadly so we cancel plans
& watch as snow devours streets of
Saint Paul & to pass the time I finally
fill out my therapy intake form & when
it asks what I’m seeking help with, I lie
& write general anxiety when I
should have written Lake Superior
is an ocean, or it was when I was younger
& scared of the dark & I thought
oceans were bodies of water we
couldn’t see across. How I wish
life were as simple as breathing &
we understood everything based on how
it appears to be. Am I making sense? Next
question asks about strengths & I lie,
again, with lifeless words like compassionate
& good listener when I should write
holding secrets inside my chest &
hiding in plain view & not speaking up
when everyone keeps seeing me as a lake
even though I’m more an entire ocean.

Steve Merino is a poet from Saint Paul, MN. His work can be found in Ghost City Review, the Under Review, and others found at Find him on Twitter and Instagram @steve_merino.

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