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Memory of the Sea


Clarice Lima

itchy salt eyes
tangerine tips
sun bitten shoulders
oceanic feeling
from your ribs
to mine i heard
the sea kissed
you tonight
remember the
time we were
set on running
a lighthouse and
eating merely
overly briny soup
so the ocean
never felt too far
despite ever
threatening to
overthrown us
so we would
spend our days
wondering how
we would go
down as if we
were flying
you would say
and i would
blame myself
for thinking all
the wrong things
i heard the sea
kissed you tonight
do you think the
foam and tides
receive love and
love again because
they cannot ruin
a kiss which we
do daily as in
how we save
ourselves from
what we want
ending life having
only held the body
of water who i
heard kissed you
tonight did it
reach for your
palms too did
it made to you
what it makes
to wild horses
because i can
see the feral
glint of your eyes
by the kitchen
table are you
that hungry
and if so since
when and if
not could you
i keep gazing
at my hands
tonight without
knowing why
they feel rather
empty under this
moonlight as if
they could cause
trouble on their
own knowing it
is not yet their
turn to feel loved
knowing i wish
desperately for
it to be so i heard
the sea kissed
you tonight
would you mind
doing it

Clarice Lima is a young bilingual writer and Literature undergraduate based in Brazil. With a lifelong love for stories and all things warm, they mostly want to be kind. Her words can be found published or forthcoming in Riverbed Review, celestite poetry, Ayaskala Magazine and elsewhere.

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