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No Shadows


DS Maolalai

hillwalking together,
toward the edge
of the howth-
head horizon,
looking at the sea
which lies,
flat and peaceful,
like a blue
uncrumpled scarf
hung by summer-
time door.

the air up here
is a pale blue filter
of the sort which colours
everything, and the suburb,
down below us,
scatters like spilled
table salt.

we sit on the heather
just off the track
and drink bottles of wine
and lie down -
our reward for and after-
noon's hiking.
we are out of the view
of the footpath
and there are no trees,
no shadows to stretch
and mark time.

when we finish
and get up unsteadily
the sky has come open
to a wide space
of shadow -
I feel
if we stand
we'll fall in.

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