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Seafoam Memory


Adrienne Rozells

If you imagine me,
imagine me in the ocean.
See me curl my fingers through the tide
as seafoam fills in the footsteps left behind
there are seagulls wheeling through the skies
they cut the clouds and skate
their wings against the waves
which I am disappearing into, under, absorbed
breathe in
and imagine me like this:
suspended by the air inside my lungs,
I push through the pounding water above,
and return to your sight with a gasp.

for Emily Barrow, and the selkies

This poem contains some special formatting. Go here to see it:

Adrienne Rozells loves writing and the ocean. Her poetry and flash fiction can be found in Kissing Dynamite, Sledgehammer Lit, and The Birdseed. She has two novels scheduled for release. Keep up on Twitter @arozells.

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