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Sorrows of the Siren


Sarena Angeline Mason

When I realized
I could not make it
out of the sea, I
lay down in a place
you'd be sure to
find me,

buried treasure
in a pirate lea. Flying fish
dive down, drown,
feast on flesh, lush
organ cavity eels'
treasure chest. Crabs
pick away every trace
of meat, angel
fish in ribs
move in

safe haven,
sand-polished seashell bones.
But then,
you were there,
your windburned face, tangled
wavy hair. You had more to be
than a salt-white line
in the sand. I had to rescue
you, breath-holding mine,
pulling your hand
from the dark jeweled
cave; your mouth
lifted to kiss, wet lips
part above
the heaving waves,
a momentary mortal bliss.

Sarena Angeline Mason is a former mermaid who sold her soul for legs. She writes to buy it back with words.

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