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Time and Tide


Louise Longson

I have become something sharp
smoothed by sea

rough edges rubbed
into soft-


nacreous scars

striae stretched

frayed sailcloth


a hagstone hole

where winds whistle

whittled whalebone
written on by time

jetsam stranded

lodged in the rock-
pools with kelp
and bladderwrack
for company

waiting for the ebb-
tide flow

into the deep
where the waves
know me

This poem contains special formatting. Go here to see it:

West Oxfordshire poet Louise Longson, widely published in print/online, authored chapbooks 'Hanging Fire' (Dreich, 2021) and 'Songs from the Witch Bottle' (Alien Buddha Press, 2022). She won the Kari-Ann Flickinger Memorial Prize 2023 with soon-to-be-published collection 'These are her thoughts as she falls'. She was Pushcart Prize nominated in 2023.

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