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Gemma Paterson

We are just silt
At the bottom of a pool...


Jennifer Skogen

Wait for me here,
away from the living...

hard ship

Joan Rivard

I saw you slip moorings
and tilt seaward, sleek outline...

BDSM (bitumen dominatrix, save me)

D.W. Baker

polluted waves
carving the coast...


Mary E. Croy

the falling and rising
of string breaths...

Learning to Fish with My Mother

Christie Taylor

My mother stood at the ocean’s edge—
wearing an oversized tee shirt knotted at the waist...

Marrowstone Point

Faith Allington

On this windswept shore,
the beach of lost relics...

Time and Tide

Louise Longson

I have become something sharp
smoothed by sea...

This is the end

Megan Frilling

Let’s trek down to the beach. Bury ourselves in the sand
And listen to the ocean. Watch the waves crash on the shore...

Dancing on a Plane

Deron Eckert

It’s too late to read my book.
The movie put you to sleep...

Whale Bone in the Middle of My Body

Marina Leigh

My mother calls me
home with the setting sun...


Lexi Deeter

You stand at the edge of the water,
holding me in a jar...

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