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Lunar Longing

Elyssa Tappero

I am as the tide
drawn to you and pushed from you...


Luke Levi

like wrinkles
only the foam is left...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

the ocean
was in a rage last night...

Laughter Leaping Over Waves

Matthew Miller

If he trips, he gets back up. We run dunes
together, dashing through sunlit patches...

Larry's Last Tidepool

Meg Smith

Gloucester, Mass. August 2012.
I brought you here because I knew...

Where Fog Hung Low Over the Water

Patty Somlo

Piles of oyster shells bleached white from the sun
sit next to marsh grown green with algae...


Madeline Trosclair

August sparks electricity
where each touch is heat lightning in...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

I carry
an ocean within...

Untitled Tanka

Debbie Strange

sea pebbles
glistening in the sun...

Seaside Rendez-Vous

Lorelei Bacht

There is no next step. The sea walls us in.
We have run out of meanders, freshwater...

At Shell Island I Glimpse the Future

Kelly Jones

Shell Island is not an island
and there are not many shells...

The Sea

Christian Ward

Walking down the street,
I empty my pockets...