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Daylight Savings End and I Am Listening to Cocteau Twins Again As I Mail You These Parcels

Sandra Aliandy

take current number – reverse it – minus two for me – plus two for you
two a.m. an hour ago...

fading tide

Steven Stokes

fading tide
on mirrored sand...

Islet Exalt

Kendra Mills

Misanthropy is a word I may have learnt under duress,
in the aftermath of devotion...


Ellen Huang

I want to hold this moment
like tide pools in the palm of my hand...


Ashley D. Escobar

I wonder where the seagull goes at night,
where she lends her strange pink feet...


Courtney LeBlanc

If we never met, if your hand never
rested on the small of my back, if I hadn’t...


pamela seong koon

how do you learn to swim
if you have already drowned...

The Big Sea

Sarah E. Azizi

Down the hazy sky the sun
slid. My baby’s squeals punctured…

Earlsferry Beach Cricket Match

Peter Burrows

One bay, two villages, facing as edges
of a rising smile. The tide’s retreat beyond...

You are six years old, sitting at the edge of the tide

Sage Agee

the salted water rushes up to your chin
dressing you in a turtleneck...


Jack B. Bedell

Here along the coast
we raise our houses...

Perhaps One Day All Things Will Reach the Sea

Jenny Wong

There is finally time to care
for the spring buds...